Monday, April 13, 2009


As I had mentioned before my current "Mania" is Day of the Dead, Mexican folk art. I Love me some Folk! When I am not busy with my kids (which is a lot!) I have been slowly working on this.

I cannot take credit for the actual design. No its loveliness is all by the hand of the equally lovely Sunny Buick. I just stitched it. But as I said it was a work in progress and I hope to finish this soon, I took a break to work on a couple of craftster swaps. And wouldn't you know one of my partners wanted a day of the dead doll. :) I better get started. Luckily I have had some experience in that!


  1. Holy SHIT that is so fucking awesome. So so very awesome!

  2. aahhhhh your embroidery is insane!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!