Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break Craftyness!

Since I am a stay-at-home Mom it usually falls to me to watch my nieces and nephew during any and all holiday breaks. This year I had my Nephew for the whole week. he was "given" to me because he had an art project to do for his Spanish class and since I am the craftiest in my family who else could they turn too. He had to design a display that had 7 rooms that he could furnish, label and write chores for. (all in Spanish)

Since I love Mexican Folk art and all that Jazz I found it very hard to let him do this on his own, which he was okay with. :) We built a 3 ft X 3ft House display recycling old card board boxes and Paper mache

Here is our start point.

we have it glued together.

This was the finished project. I did't take pictures of the Paper mache stage but there you have it. Casa de Arie!
Even my husband couldn't stay out of the act so he drew the detail on the top and bottom.
My nephew was never so happy and knowing he did the Majority of the work himself made it even better.

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